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Re: [IP] White Spot in Tubing, should I be concerned?


The tubing is actually two "layers" of tubing, one inside the other
(technically referred to as "double lumen" tubing).

The white marks result from a small separation in the layers. This
sometimes happens if the tubing gets pinched or bent in a very sharp bend.
It's nothing to worry about.

You may notice some of these spots on the tubing as soon as you remove it
from the package. This is quite normal and does not indicate any problem
with the tubing.

I can't remember the last time I had tubing *without* some of these spots.
I've been pumping for over 3 years and never had problems related to these
separations in the layers.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

David wrote:

>Hi,  When doing my morning inspection of my site and pump, I noticed a small
>(1/8 inch) white spot in the tubing, right at the junction of the plastic
>end where it screws onto the syringe.  Almost as if it was stretched or
>crimped during the night.  I did not hear any no delivery alarms, and the
>pump does not show that any were activated.  I unconnected at the QR and
>primed and insulin is still moving through the line.  My PP  BG  is 86,
>right on target, but the white spot bothers me.  Should I be concerned?

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