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[IP] Sharing some good news :)

We just came back from a weekend of camping and, those of you who may
have been following Erica's dilemna might be happy to hear that I am
SMILING  :)    That is all I want to say about that because I feel like
I will jinx things if I say too much! (hint.......68 hrs)

I was so saddened to read of the child who died. My heart goes out to
her family and their friends and community.  A loss for everyone.   I am
also very scared now.  We often check Erica in the middle of the night.
Pre-pump we had always traditionally let her run higher through the
night, and almost always gave her some milk when we were going to bed.
Now, with better control on the pump, we check her more through the
night. Having near normal values (we still run her a bit on the high
side)  while she is sleeping is sort of scary.  We take turns checking
her.  It is a minor inconvenience when you consider the alternative.

As far as what is going on  with Mr. Miller, I received an e'mail
also.   Our family would not all be smiling right now without the input
of the Insulin Pumpers.  What a loss it would be to us if this was
discontinued because of malcontent or misuse.  I am going to trust in
those people who have made this available to us and assume, that in
their opinion, there must have been a good reason to do what they did,
and if they reconsider and change things, then ditto...there must have
been a good reason.

Barb.......Erica's mom (who is doing the sit of joy.....no energy left
for the dance of joy)

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