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[IP] E-Mail Messages Re: Miller

Dear Fellow IP Members:

This morning I got my email messages (124).  122 were from Insulin Pumpers, 1
from another source and 1 from Mason Miller.  Of the messages from Insulin
Pumpers 40 were in regard to the Miller incident.  I do not subscribe to Insulin
Pumpers to discuss weather one should be admitted or readmitted to the list.  I
come to Insulin Pumpers to gather information and possible share experience with
other pumpers.  I would like to make a suggestion.  If you feel Mr. Miller was
treated unfairly please do not clutter the IP list with this message SEND IT TO
THE ADMIN!  (Sorry Admins) I do not know the whole story and am willing to bet
that not many do.  Therefore, it is unfair to post a message in support of
anyone.  It is also unfair to those of use who want to receive information.  

Please do not take my letter offensively it is not meant to offend anyone in any
way but simply a reminder of why we come to this list. 

(Finally through reading all that mail)
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