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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumper's List - Mason Miller

I believe everyone has to sit back a moment and do a little thinking.

First, I know from long experience that there are 2 sides to every story.
We have had one side of the story.  To make intelligent decisions it is
necessary to know the facts or story.  Remember that we all interpret things
differently.  If I use the word house, I dare say that everyone will think
of a different sort of house.  Things can be fact but interpreted
differentially by each individual.

About the e-mail addresses.  They are there for peoples use.  I'm not
bothered that I received the one item in my mail directly from Mr. Miller.
Since Mr. Miller was banned from the list this mailing really is his only
means of being heard.

But we come back to the fact stated earlier we must know both sides.  I
believe that all the mail I have read is written both people who do not know
the facts.  Yes from knowledge from only one side I can not know what is
right and I do not think any one should be taking a side on this basis.
That goes for both the pro and the con mail I have read.

This is the type of thing that I have seen which can destroy good groups of
all types.  I can understand that the Administration would prefer not to
make a statement and would like this to pass over.  If the Administration
does not make a statement as to what rule was broken I will start to think
that they have something to hide.We need a single statement from the
Administration on this and then maybe I can understand what is happening.  I
know this thing will not blow over or die as things stand now.  We should
hear the other side.  This is America where we are brought up that every one
should have day in court where both sides are heard.  Now I see people
taking a side and I don't think this is right for either side.  Mr. Miller
has stated his side let here the other side before the group is destroyed!!
I hope that I have not offended anyone.  I sure do not want to see the group
torn apart either.  Lets start to think clearly with facts in hand.


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