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Do NOT wait, Call your doctor for a new prescription.  I had same problem but
found out that it was the pharmacy (they put in their system approximately how
many strips you use per day)  not the insurance company.  After a couple of
months, I changed pharmacy and had the doctor write the prescription for over
the amount I would actually be using.  You are right you never know when the
site could be bad, illness coming on or lows are going to happen and you will
need to check more often.  So far I haven't had a problem and don't run out of
strips anymore.  If it is your insurance company explain how important it is to
monitor your glucose levels and how expensive it is when you end up at the
hospital because you didn't have the strips to do so.  Good LUCK!


Raleigh Greene wrote:
>      I was very upset yesterday when pharmacy would not re-fill my
> prescription for test strips. I will have to wait till June 7th to
> get a refill unless I go and pay the full price.
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