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[IP] Re: Summer's Here ....Swimming & Pumping (???)

This is what we do .  
I wash Z's site area with just a bit of dial antibacterial liquid soap and 
water, rinse very well,  and pat dry.  Then I put a clean new dry TEGADERM 
down on the site area.  We insert the Tender (aka Silhouette) through the 
tegaderm and the tape of the infusion set adheres very well to the tegaderm.  
When we go to the beach, we add a bit of skin-tac (or adhesive in a packet) 
on the tegaderm just where the tape will go to add extra sticking power.  We 
don't insert through IV Prep though.  Z disconnects while swimming and we 
keep the pump in an igloo container in the shade. 

We found opsite to not stick well with water.  Some people buy the giant 
tegaderm and put it over the disconnected site while swimming.

;-) Keep us posted when we find what works for you.
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