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Re: [IP] Measure of control?

> > In a message dated 05/28/1999 12:04:29 PM Central Daylight Time,
> > email @ redacted writes:
> > 
> > << My guess is that you can get more information from looking at
> >  detailed numbers than from an average or A1c, but I'm just not sure
> >  of the best way to do it. >>
> hbA1c is a non-linear function of bg values the higher the bg, the 
> more ^(fx) glucose molecules stick to where they do not belong, then 
> they don't un-stick.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

Actually, there's some dispute about that.  The calculation for how
long an A1c was an average for was based on the assumption that the
glycosylation reaction leading to glycosylated A1c was irreversible,
i.e., that it only went one way, from unglycoslated to glycosylated.
That has since been shown to be untrue--there's a non-neglible reverse
reaction rate.  I don't have the cites right with me, but if anyone
isinterested, I could try to find them and post them.

And the other thing to be aware of is that, as you say, A1c's are a
non-linear measure of blood glucose control.  They're much more
heavily weighted to the 2-3 week period immediately before the test is
taken that they are to earlier times.


P.S.  Or did you mean "non-linear" in the sense that A1c's don't rise
evenly as a function of high blood glucose?
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