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[IP] Mason Miller

This person should not be kept out.  If we don't have an efficient way to
search the archives,
work with him so this list can continue to be the best on the web.  It is
the best for diabetics, in my judgement.  My wife and I are also members on
a list for celiacs - people who are gluten intolerant.  They have a very
sophisticated search routine which we find very helpful.   From two lists
and our personal mail, we get about 150 messages a day.  We simply cannot
read them all.  But when we need to find all the messages on a topic, a
powerful search routine is a godsend.  

Perhaps I don't know the whole story with Mr. Miller.  I do know most of
these issues are not as "terrible" as they seem, but usually boil down to
control and turf.  There are enough overseers, watchdogs, gatekeepers,
regulators, and controllers in this world.  If Miller screws up and hurts
this list, I'd be the first to say, "cut him."  But, for now, let him back
in and work with him.


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