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Re: [IP] Re: Mason Miller

At 07:50 AM 5/30/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Instead of wading through the list for an answer to a question why not just 
>ask the question.  I don't know what topics have been discussed and not 
>discussed so if I ask a question I am sincere in my ignorance.  I find the 
>people most helpful and have always recieved honest and sincere answers 
>without invading anyones privacy. 
>Don and compromised Penguinie in disguise O-
>                                                                /(  )'\
>                                                                  "

sometimes if you know the question has been asked and you have seen the
answer it is a little easyer and faster to just look for the e-mail rather
than add to the mass numbers of e-mail sent (which is why we are loosing
some members).  i seen his site and found it easy to search threw in a
minute or so.

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