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[IP] Summer's Here....Swimming & Pumping (???)

Hi everybody,
		Well, we have another newbie pumper hurdle to cross and 
hopefully you all can help.  Steven went swimming for the first time since 
pumping and he was only in the water a short time.  We use Silhouettes with 
IV3000 tape with a hole cut out.  He  was in just about a half an hour and 
right away the tape started to come off!!  Now I had just changed his site 
the night before so I really didn't want to do another one, I checked it all 
out, put on some more tape, and he went back in a little while later.  By the 
time he came out, a short time later, his site was completely out and the 
edge of the tape was completely lifted off.  We ended up having to change the 
site.  Now my problem......Will the same thing happen when he swims today?  I 
don't want to have him change sites every day, nor do I want to tell him he 
can't swim when he wants to!  Any advice here??  BTW.....swimming did great 
for the BG's!  BEAUTIFUL BG's and NO lows!!!!!!  What a difference from our 
pre-pump days!  

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