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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumper's List - Mason Miller

good point, Thanks, I just recieved another mail from him he said a friend 
had showed him my letter you are answering.  He said the addresses are 
available to any member.  He also said he is not a hacker and is a designer 
of some type but this gets me wondering isn't a hacker someone who alters a 
system without permission?  He sltered the system then showed the admin how 
he did it.  he should have asked if he could alter the system the toldl them 
how he would and why.   don't want to deal with this and am now sorry I even 
gave a positive response to him returning to the list.  Penguinie is quite 
upset as this comprises his mother also. 
Don and compromised Penguinie  o-
                                                 /( )\ Penguinie in disguise. 
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