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    I thank you all for your input on my problem with getting
my prescription refilled at the pharmacy on test strips. The main
problem is that the insurance is over ruling my physicians prescription
for more diabetic supplies. We have been through this same problem a
few months ago,and I thought that this hindrance on getting enough
supplies was taken care of.
    I did manage to get my test strips refilled today. I called
another pharmacy and this pharmacist was excellent in helping me. He
told me that the pharmacist that didn't refill my test strips should
have taken more action in sending the prescription back through the
network or sent an override since my physician had requested more 
diabetic supplies months ago.
    My prescription for test strips was sent back through the network
and it was approved this time. I do plan to change to the pharmacy
that was kind enough to help,and I will look into doing mail order
for all my diabetic supplies if I can get 3 months supplies.
     I never called my physician,but he will be STEAMING or madder
than a junk dog when he hears about my same problem.
     I do think that we need to push the pump companies,suppliers,
physicians,insurance companies,etc to SET-UP NATIONAL GUIDE-LINES
FOR ALL DIABETICS IN SUPPLIES. I'm sure that it is better to be like
the boy scout and be prepared from the beginning. It is difficult to
keep extra supplies on hand if you are limited from the start.
     The state of Texas just recently passed some legislation on
physicians working directly with insurance companies. This is a good
time for my physician to address this diabetic supply problem. We have
to fight to keep insurance companies from over ruling our health care.

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