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[IP] Don's Question re: Mason Miller & our addys

On Saturday, May 29, email @ redacted asked:

>Thanks for pointing this out to me but again how do >you know he has
the addresses?

Well Don...we know Mason has the addresses because he  e-mailed the
list members...AFTER he was removed from the list.

I hate to see someone removed from the list because we all need each
others help and support.  I am sure Mr. Miller meant to help, and had a
good idea...but maybe he should have offered his help to the
administrators before taking on the project.  The administrators do
have a responsibility to consider what is best for all of the list
members and guard our privacy, and I am sure they must consider legal
issues as well.  I am in no position to question their judgement, and
they do not owe me an explanation...I am a visitor here...not an owner.

The administrators do a wonderful service that enriches our lives...and
they aren't paid...it's a labor of love.  How many of us have taken a
moment to thank Michael and all his little cyber elves?  I just
realized that I haven't.

Thank you Michael!  You are doing a great job, and you have a wonderful
group of volunteers!  Thanks to all of you.

~from Janet who loves her MiniMed Pump

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