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Re: [IP] child dying

>  more about that? Like warning us of the dangers of a night-time low? How low 
>  does one have to go? Had these kids has previous dangerous lows before?  I 

Night time lows are one of those thing that have a lot of contributing 
factors. I check Lily every night at 2:30. Every month or two she will be 
low. Usually not dangerously, but enough so that something must be done. 
A couple of weeks ago was pretty typical. Woke here at 2:30, bg's 55 
after 2 glucose tablets and 20 minutes, bg's were 60 -- 2 tablets will 
raise her about 50 points. So.. she had 2 more and waited another 20 
minutes and was 75. That's the same as a 75 point drop in 40 minutes, and 
I woke her at bg=55. Anyway, she had a little snack and woke in the 
morning at 125. This is pretty typical. I've found that if I wake her 
about 3 hours after she goes to sleep, if she's low, she'll drop another 
50 - 100 points pronto (equivalent glucuose absorbtion). Usually this 
occurs after a double set of soccer games, + funny meal, or some 
combination of events that is a little unusual, including the effects of 
being in puberty, mensus, etc.... I guess it's sort of like those huge 
waves that occur once in a while out in a calm ocean. I know if she eats 
at 5-6 o'clock and waits 5 hours before retiring that she is invariably 
stable. However, life is not that simple.... oh well, we do our best.

Michael (harried parent)  :-)

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