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Re: [IP] Re: children and hypos

I have a problem with nighttime hypos.  I was diagnosed at the age of 4 and
started to have occassional problems at age 13 when I was put on a shot of
NPH before bedtime.  So the theory of the NPH kicking in may not be wrong.
I found that if I drank a glass of skim milk before bed, it usually worked

In February I had my first nighttime hypo since i have been married, and my
husband bless his heart did everything right.  He woke up at about 2am and
noticed that I was rolling around in bed more then usuall.  He tried to wake
me up when I began to seize.  First seizure I have ever had...very scary for
both of us(of course I don't remember any of this).  He immediately called
911 and grabbed some glucose gel and tried to get me to take some.  I was
rushed to the hospital and when I woke up I was hooked up to a heart
machine, oxygen, and a thermometer.  Apparently my hypo had been bad enough
to slow my heart, breathing, and my body temp had dropped to about 92.  I
was absolutely in shock when I found out.

Ironically it had been a vanilla day  before that and my bgs had been
unbelievably wonderful.  We had been up really late and I decided to skip my
nightime NPH and deal with the high in the morning, because I didn't want it
reeking havoc in the morning when it mixed with my morning R.  So basically
I had a low in the middle of the night without the NPH.  I guess my
blackhole of insulin kicked in.

But the chance of a heart attack is very possible.  In my case, and YMMV, my
blood gets really thin the lower I run.  I have had problems with blood
testing machines not starting when I have placed a large amount of blood on
them.  I also have a really hard time clotting when low.  Apparently, I was
told, this affected my heart and breathing.

Sorry for my rambling.  Just giving my 102 cents worth.

-- Sherry

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