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In a message dated 5/29/99 4:28:21 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I was almost out of Humalog, so I left it up to the HR dept. to sort out -
 that took 24 hrs. So now I make sure I have at least two bottles in the
 fridge for events such as this. >>


This is quite a smart thing to do.  As much as we like to complain and blame 
it all on the insurance companies, if something bad happens, it is OUR health 
that suffers.  While I do not agree with stockpiling supplies, it is not only 
wise but essential that we don't wait until we are *out* of something before 
we get more.  If you think your insurance company will not allow this, work 
with them until you can come up with a way.  Think if it were oxygen instead 
of insulin, we wouldn't wait until we were out and the insurance company 
certainly wouldn't make us.

As I have said before, insurance companies typically pay quite low wages for 
some tasks that we place great importance on.  You can't expect these people 
to be educated on all supplies for all diseases.  Since Humalog is only made 
by one company and it's "generic equivalent" is insulin (to people unfamiliar 
with diabetes) it probably sounded like good advice to the person who gave 
it.  You were wise in letting your HR department handle this. 

It is also wise to find a pharmacy or pharmacist that you can work with.  If 
he/she knows you, it will go a long way in getting good service and advice.  
Even though WalMart or KMart are the cheapest, I don't mind paying a bit more 
because "Ken" knows me and helps me out with things instead of arguing with 

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