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Re: [IP] A copy of "Insulin Pumpers List from Mason Miller"

Dear Administrators, 
Mr. Miller seems to have been the victim of over zealous tampering and not 
trying to undermine the list or those on it.  His attempt to make access 
easier and further attempt to provide protection and secure the addresses on 
the list from the prying of unauthorized eyes is commendable.  he seems quite 
repentent and has a need that is very definite and important to him to be on 
the list.  I believe he would benefit the list more if he is on it than if he 
is forever banned and the people on the list are unable to benefit from his 
knowledge applied in the same way the rest of us Import our thoughts and 
Thank you for your time and attention in this matter, 
Don and Penguinie the pumper penguin -0
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