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[IP] A copy of "Insulin Pumpers List from Mason Miller"

For those of you who are curious/interested this is what Mason Miller sent.

-----Original Message-----
From:	email @ redacted [mailto:email @ redacted] On Behalf Of
Mason Miller
Sent:	Friday, May 28, 1999 7:02 PM
To:	Pumpers
Subject:	Insulin Pumpers List from Mason Miller

Dear Insulin Pumpers Member,

My name is Mason Miller, and I am a former member of Insulin Pumpers.  I
have been removed from the list by Michael<email @ redacted> and
an unnamed group of administrators.

This all started several weeks ago when I built a searchable database of the
messages for Insulin Pumpers.  I built this because I was interested in
messages regarding bubbles, and there was no way to search the current
archives other than to sift by thread through months of email at a time.  I
thought this would be very beneficial for the users, as I found it very
useful in the several days I had it running.

I wrote to Michael and asked him for permission to let the other users know
about this, so that everyone on Insulin Pumpers could use the web based
search.  Michael responded that it would be a security risk to have the
members' email addresses available outside of the Insulin Pumpers' secure
site.  I thought this was a legitimate concern, so I re-created the password
system used on the Insulin Pumpers site, so that you would have to use your
email address and password from Insulin Pumpers in order to access the

I then wrote to Michael again, and asked him to take a look at what I had
done to take care of security.  Shortly thereafter I was removed from the
list, because Michael said I had broken the list rules, and that the admin
committee and he had decided to remove me from the list.  I have asked
Michael, and the committee(via Michael) to reconsider.  Michael just emailed
me and indicated that the committee had no response other than I deserved no

With the exception of Michael, the Admin Committee, and one other individual
list member that I asked some advice about offering the archive to IP, this
is the first any of you have heard about this problem.  The reason that you
have not heard about it, is that did nothing without permission.  I built
the archive, I showed it to Michael, he asked me not to make it public, so I
did not.  For some reason the admin group is upset that I tried to solve the
problems that Michael indicated he had with the archive, and that I asked
for permission again.

I am not an internet flame emailer.  I never wanted to introduce anything to
the IP mailing list other than a better way to get at the wealth of
information generated by the group.  Now I am removed from the only insulin
pump mailing list of which I am aware.  I am asking the admin group to
please contact me privately, and I am asking the rest of you to please write
to Michael<email @ redacted>, and ask him to let me back on the
list, I will not abuse the privilege.


T. Mason Miller
email @ redacted
dx'd 1971
Started Pumping 4/22/99

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