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[IP] No camping until BS's stabilized

I'm pretty angry.

Had to change tubing and site per schedule today- started with a BS of
116, ate two crackers, now it's 11 am and my BS's have been rising
steadily all morning. 

I have problems with mornings anyway, and I don't really eat much. I
upped my 6 and 7 am basals yesterday and there's a chance I didn't give
myself quite enough insulin for my two measly crackers. (carb about 15
g.) So I bolused 4 units. BS went up (216). Bolused 3 more. (230) BS
still went up. (250) Finally changed site. Just bolused 4 more. (I
usually use a syringe with intractable BS's but I REALLY want to be sure
the pump is working before I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

I guess this cancels today's plans! I didin't mention this earlier, but
this was a big fear and I have NO IDEA how to guard against it. 

I'm supposed to rent a car to avoid using my beater and I'm not sure I
want to plunk down $80 only to not go. 

SO- Why the hell does this have to dominate my plans? My kids are
waiting to go camping. Now I have to guard against lows all day, and I'm
not sure I want to be driving for 2 hours into the country. No other
grownups in the car. F--- diabetes.

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