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Re: [IP] To Disetronic users...

What do you mean, Brian? Lucky at softer collisions <g>.  I was 
given the glass cartridge at startup also and it has always seemed 
to be a better choice than the plastic.  But thats my choice now, 
my mileage may vary in the future. **S**

> This is new to me I never even knew that their were plastic cartrages.  I
> have been pumping for 5 years now and have never even chipped a cartrage
> out of the many drops and even playing High impact sports like roller hockey.

> i guess some are more lucky than others in breakage.  8)
> my thought is what ever works best for each person.
> pump on!!
> Brian Carter

George Lovelace
Dxed 1964, D-Pumped 8/13/98  "Disetronic made me Whole again"
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