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Re: [IP] To Disetronic users...

on Fri, 28 May 1999 05:30:15 EDT
email @ redacted wrote
Subject: Re: [IP] To Disetronic users...

>never used anything but glass. Different people, different experiences with
>the pump I guess.

Yeramichel has previously written about frequently disconnects from the pump
(and switching it off).  I cannot imagine any other way to have a loose pump
landing on the top of the cartridge unless it were disconnected.

I only drop my pump when carrying it in a pocket outside of its leather belt
case.  Then it usually stops as it hangs up on my (Tender) infusion set.

Likewise I have only broken the glass cartridges when they were loose
outside of the pump...like rolling off the refrigerator shelf.

The neat thing about the glass cartridges is that 3 can be filled at the
same time from a vial of Humalog, and refrigerated, or transported for weeks
with no discernible degradation in potency.

Plastic reservoir users:  How long can you leave Humalog inside the

email @ redacted

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