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[IP] Re: Insulin Pumpers List from Mason Miller

<< I am not an internet flame emailer.  I never wanted to introduce anything 
the IP mailing list other than a better way to get at the wealth of
information generated by the group.  Now I am removed from the only insulin
pump mailing list of which I am aware.  I am asking the admin group to
please contact me privately, and I am asking the rest of you to please write
to Michael<email @ redacted>, and ask him to let me back on the
list, I will not abuse the privilege.>>

I don't see why Mr. Miller can't be given another chance.  I have only read 
his side of the story and I can't see any harm in what he had done.  If we 
(this list) are his only means of support then it seems somewhat cruel to cut 
him off.

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