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Re: [IP] Who Says Diabetes is Easy?

We had a child die in the same way who lived across the street from us.  She 
was 12 and a very active, happy child.  We used to see her playing ball and 
riding her bike and many times i would help her find her ball in our yard or 
get her cat out of our tree for her.  We miss her very much. 

O ur prayers are with the dear little you know who is lost tooour world. The 
child I was talking about goes to the same endo I do and was very enthused 
about the pump just waiting for her insurance. Her mother was very 
We feel your pain and will remember her in our prayers. 
Don and Penguinie the pumper penguin 0-
                                                        /'()\ As long as we 
remember them the little ones are still with us.                              
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