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[IP] RE:closed diabetes programs

>Joslin centers in New Jersy  have been closed, except for
> Livingston which will be closed eventually<

I don't know what problems they are having in NJ, but our program in WV has 
been downsized...my position is eliminated (and I coordinated the pump 
program). Three people out of 8 remain.Two of those are pump trainers. The 
new proposed Health Care Finance Administration rules and regs are driving a 
lot of progams out of business...prematurely, in my opinion...if you haven't 
had a chance to talk to your US Congress person about this..it is too late, I 
am told. I also heard that the program with Dr. Bode in Georgia was no longer 
supported by the hospital where it was located and they have moved their 
practice to another location. I am moving to Delaware, but do not know what I 
will be doing. So, many of us are in sinking boats. I don't know if private 
practice will pay, but insurance companies and Medicare are beginning to pay 
less and less.
Barbara B.
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