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[IP] Isabelle's question

1.  You should use one piece of "tape" with the SofSet.  They may have 
supplied two with the infusion set but you only need one.  You don' t need to 
"thread" anything, just put the SofSet in them put the tape on top of it so 
the "bump" comes out the hole but the tubing is under the tape.  

2.  It's possible, but very dangerous, to remove the tape and leave the 
SofSet in.  You have to hold the cannula in with a thumb or finger while you 
carefully pry the tape off.  If the tape is itching, try the other tape.  
They supplied both types so you have a choice.

3.  I feel the Quick Release sets are worth the extra cost.  You don't have 
to worry about where to hang the pump or put the SportsGuard, it takes 
seconds to disconnect whereas it takes a lot longer to set up the 
SportsGuard.  When they were first introduced I think I gained massive 
amounts of freedom.  

Did you have a trainer?

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