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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #176

I have what is probably a silly question.  I have been pumping saline for 4
days now and I am to go 'live' with insulin on Monday the 31st.  I have
difficulty with the tape that comes with the soft set.  Am I supposed to
thread the piece that goes into my skin through the hole in the tape BEFORE
I insert the soft set? I have been cutting the tape with sissors in order
to get it on AFTER I have already inserted the soft set into my skin.  If I
am supposed to thread it on first why is the hole so small- it doesn't seem
to be possible to get it through.  Also I always end up with a 'sandwitch'
of tape, - softset - then more tape but that way I can't really tell if the
soft set is leaking.  Do people use the 'sandwitch' method or do they use
one layer of tape?  Also, I exercise a lot and I get very sweaty.  I found
that the area under the tape iched a bit after my last workout.  Is it
possible to remove the tape without removing the soft set?  I felt that it
was the sweat that was causing the itching and I wanted to remove the tape
so that I could wipe down the sweat, dry the area and replacce the tape but
I didn't know if the soft set would come out.  Last question- does anyone
use the sports gaurd to have showers or is everyone using the quick release
soft sets?  They are more money and I thought the sports guard would allow
me to shower without removing the meter.  I've tried putting it in a
plastic bag but I always end up dropping the meter and have nearly removed
the soft sets when this happens.      

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