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Re: [IP] Time to insert Sof-sets?

David C Breeden wrote:
> > But that brings to mind a question: Why do they tell you to prime 5
> > units after you've filled the tubing? (My CDE told me the same thing) I
> > understand the .5 to fill the cannula, but I don't understand the 5 when
> > the tubing is already full.
> >
> > Thanks!
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> Hi Natalie,
> I was told that it was to "take all the slack out of the system," or
> something to that effect. 

Yes, it gets the push arms solidly pushing on the plunger till a drop
out of the disconnect. That's ALL you need to do, the 5 minute
is a simplistic way to get you to do it without trying to help you
understand it. Myself, I just prime it with 2.0 units. If I haven't
a drop out by then I'll try another 2 units, or less, depending on the 
situation. Many times it really only took .4 or .5 units to prime it, so
I suspend it and restart the pump, then connect back up and prime the
if I just put in a new one, 2.0 units.

 That's one ofthe reasons why I've been
> hesitant to decrease the amount, since I'm not entirerly sure what
> it's doing.

Hopefully now you know. Just prime till it delivers a drop, unless you
a bubble soon to arrive at the end, then proime that out, too, when

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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