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Re: [IP] Measure of control?

In a message dated 05/28/1999 1:40:43 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< But actually, that's the glory of statistics.  You don't actually have
 to measure every member of a population in order to be able to tell
 things about the population, you just have to sample.  And, from what
 the guy at UC San Diego said (and he could be the janitor, for all I
 know, but he comes across as knowing what he's talking about), you can
 get a valid sample of the blood sugar "population" by testing 8 times
 a day. >>

OK... but what about this.... If I test 8 times in waking hours but none at 
night then how do you know that my bgs aren't soaring with the eagles at 
night?  I can show a great numbers during the day, wake up in the middle of 
the night high but by morning be back in range due to the increased basal I 
get?  If I didn't test in the night I would never know it?

By the way, these are all questions because I don't know if this would effect 
anything, just seems logical.  I'm pretty much a business systems analyst, 
always looking for all the possibilities in something so we can cover all 
bases <g>

As far as looking at things in a month (or a period that the a1c didn't 
cover), I don't know what you call it, but I would think that the number of 
times that you were out of "range" and the amount "out of range" would be of 

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