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Re: [IP] Time to insert Sof-sets?

When you put the arms back into position the threads have to engage with
the drive shaft and then move up to contact the syringe plunger.  If you
happen to put contact the threads one or two rotations back then you will
need more turns to bring it into contact with the syringe.  I always try to
make sure the arms are tight to the syringe when I put them into position.
Usually then I only need to prime about 2 U before I see the insulin coming
out the end of the tubing.  If there's any "slack" in the system you won't
see insulin coming out because the syringe is not being pushed.  Once you
see insulin, then you know everything is tight.  They say 5 U just to be on
the safe side, but as you noted Cindy, you can sometimes take a lot more.
Sooo, the best rule is just to watch to see that you've got insulin flowing
before you connect.

<<<<<<Hi Ginny!
I go through the same process and I also have a MM 507C.  The longest time is
spent on filling the cartridge and priming.  Occasionally, it has taken me
more than 5 units to prime my pump.  I called Minimed and they said the
average is 5 units and sometimes as many as 20 to prime it.  So if this
happens, they said don't worry about it.
- -Cindy>>>>>>>>>

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