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Re: [IP] Measure of control?

> At 08:23 AM 5/28/1999  David C Breeden wrote:
>  >Yep, if I wanted to know how to adjust my control, that's what I'd
>  >look for.  But the std. dev. and coeff. of var. will tell you if
>  >you've got the kind of spread that you mention in your letter above.
>  >
>  >I just wondered if there wer any other numbers I should be looking at
>  >to gauge *overall* control.
> Then I don't know. I don't have much of a background in statistics, so I've 
> never messed with this type of thing. Also, unless you test rigidly 
> according to a schedule, are the results going to be meaningful? I tend to 
> test before meals, bedtime and whenever I don't feel exactly right. It's 
> all those in between tests that would skew the results, no?
> Sam
> ICQ #11353385

Hi Sam,

Yeah, I'm not sure either.  There's a guy at UC San Deigo who posts to
mhd who actually did the math and says that you'd need at elast 8
tests a day to have a valid sample of blood sugars throughout the day.
I don't think they'd actually need to be randomized though.

The other question is whether a bimodal distribution like the one you
mentioned earlier, which would mean bad control but produce a good
average, would also produce a good A1c.  I'm not sure about that,
either.  My guess is that you can get more information from looking at
detailed numbers than from an average or A1c, but I'm just not sure of
the best way to do it.

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