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Re: [IP] Time to insert Sof-sets?

At 10:20 AM 5/28/1999  Michael wrote:
 >> I'm doing the same thing you are, I think, except that I'm priming 5
 >> units instead of 1-2
 >The 5 unit prime is to insure that the drive arms are properly
 >engaged and tight. Reducing this prime risks NOT finishing that task
 >properly resulting in initial delivery of less than the expected
 >amount of insulin. It is not the expeling of insulin from the tip
 >that guarantees the drive mechanisim is fully engaged, but the actual
 >process of moving all the pieces in the drive train.

Maybe I'm not doing it right, but I tend to prime 3-4 units, until insulin 
freely starts flowing out of the quick-release. Is it recommended that you 
use 5 units, no matter what?


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