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Re: [IP] NY Bagels and carb counting

> At 05:34 PM 5/27/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>  >I have the same trouble.  Last week I had a whole bagel and took 5
>  extra >units and 2 hours later I was still at 215.   I cant figure
>  this out because >on the package one bagel had 41 carbs.    Any
>  ideas how to calculate.
> You have to be really careful about the serving size. Is it possible
> that the label said 41 carbs per serving and each bagel = 2
> servings. Sometimes the serving sizes are pretty arbitrary and not
> designed for what the average adult would actually eat.
In addition, the actual serving may weigh considerably more or less 
than what the "serving size" label indicates. It is necessary to 
double check the weight.
email @ redacted
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