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Re: [IP] Measure of control?

At 08:23 AM 5/28/1999  David C Breeden wrote:
 >Yep, if I wanted to know how to adjust my control, that's what I'd
 >look for.  But the std. dev. and coeff. of var. will tell you if
 >you've got the kind of spread that you mention in your letter above.
 >I just wondered if there wer any other numbers I should be looking at
 >to gauge *overall* control.

Then I don't know. I don't have much of a background in statistics, so I've 
never messed with this type of thing. Also, unless you test rigidly 
according to a schedule, are the results going to be meaningful? I tend to 
test before meals, bedtime and whenever I don't feel exactly right. It's 
all those in between tests that would skew the results, no?

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