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Re: [IP] T1 Diagnosis

At 06:30 AM 5/28/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >In a message dated 05/28/1999 6:35:12 AM Central Daylight Time,
 >email @ redacted writes:
 ><< email @ redacted wrote:
 > >
 > > Is there a problem with the amount of insulin a person must use to keep a
 > > reasonable blood sugar level.
 > Only when it gets extreme, as in over about 100 units/day.
 >  >>
 >Just curious... why is it a problem at this level?

Of course, this also depends on your body size. Very large people often 
need a lot more insulin than smaller people (YMMV). But, with that said, it 
might also indicate that you have some insulin resistance that needs to be 
looked at. It could also mean that there is an underlying infection that is 
causing major stress on your system.
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