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Re: [IP] Measure of control?

At 05:27 AM 5/28/1999  David C Breeden wrote:
 >Hi Folks,
 >If you had a month's worth of home bg testing data, what numbers would
 >you look at to evaluate the control of the tester?  I usually look at
 >my average bg, standard deviation for that average, coefficient of
 >variation for the average, numbers of times below 60, and number of
 >times over 200.  If I had to choose just two numbers, I'd use the
 >average and the coefficient of variation (measures how tightly
 >clustered the numbers are around the average).

When my doctor looks at this stuff, he doesn't want to see overall 
averages. He wants to see what they are doing just before mealtimes and 
look at the patterns. This gives him a better idea of what my control is, 
than an overall average does. You could be averaging 160 before breakfast 
and 80 before lunch. Your average would be 120, but you wouldn't know much 
about what was going on. But, knowing that your early morning BGs were 
high, and your pre-lunch values were low, then you could try to raise your 
early morning basals and then lower them a bit before lunchtime.


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