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[IP] First camping trip tomorrow-Thanks for advice

Just hearing from all of you calmed me down perceptibly! (I think it's
worse because, as a single parent, I have ALL the packing to do for me,
2 kids, a dog (okay, she's easy)- Then the diabetes on top....Last May
31, my 38th birthday, I passed out on the sidewalk and ended up in the
ER and THEN I had to pay for it because I had one month of no insurance.
I'm still paying.) Anyway, I told my boss yesterday I was ready for a
good cry and he looked positively ill. We laughed. I came home and read
your messages and felt much better.....

So- I think I will change my tubing tomorrow early, pack for a few hours
to see if all is okay with delivery, etc., then do what you all said:
enjoy myself! Extra sugar tablets. Lots of water. Backup everything. I
also want to ensure that my flashlight has fresh batteries- in case I
yank the tubing out in the middle of the night. It's never happened but
I'd  hate to have a first on a camping trip...

THANK YOU EVERYONE! I'll fill you in on details upon return.
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