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Re: [IP] Time to insert Sof-sets?

In a message dated 5/28/99 9:40:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< But that brings to mind a question: Why do they tell you to prime 5
 units after you've filled the tubing? (My CDE told me the same thing) I
 understand the .5 to fill the cannula, but I don't understand the 5 when
 the tubing is already full.

		I wondered that too when my son first started 3 weeks ago and 
I have found that so far, the amount of units necessary to produce a droplet 
can vary quite a bit.  For instance, sometimes I can see a drop at 1.9 or 2.6 
lets say and yet at other times I don't see a drop until 4.9 or even none at 
all after the full 5.0! (when that happens we just prime it again).  I asked 
our CDE why it varies and why we need to prime the full 5 even when we see 
the drop right away, and this is what she told me.  She said the full 5 units 
helps to take up the slack that may be between the driver arm and the end of 
the reservoir.  It helps to tighten up the arm against the reservoir and that 
way you know all is snug and you are pumping accurately.  Our MM rep said the 
same thing to us too, and it does make sense, because just think what would 
happen if you figured since the tubing was full you were getting insulin and 
4 units into a bolus you STILL weren't getting any....pretty scary!

Hope this helps,
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