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Re: [IP] Time to insert Sof-sets?

> David C Breeden wrote:
> > How long does it take you to insert your Sof-set, if you use them?
> > I'm a new pumper (just over a month), and I find it takes me around 18
> > minutes, which seems pretty long.  Some fair amount of that time is
> > waiting for the pump to bolus that 5 units after I've put the pump in
> > the syringe but before I've inserted the Sof-set.
> Well, as a slightly less new pumper (2 months!), I think you get faster
> with practice. Took me 11 minutes yesterday!!!  :)
> But that brings to mind a question: Why do they tell you to prime 5
> units after you've filled the tubing? (My CDE told me the same thing) I
> understand the .5 to fill the cannula, but I don't understand the 5 when
> the tubing is already full.
> Thanks!
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>  Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
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Hi Natalie,

I was told that it was to "take all the slack out of the system," or
something to that effect.  That's one ofthe reasons why I've been
hesitant to decrease the amount, since I'm not entirerly sure what
it's doing.


P.S.  Natalie, it's great to see you and your ducks again, after so
long an abscence on mhd.  I was very pleased to get a post with your
name on it.
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