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Re: [IP] T1 Diagnosis


In the May 1999 issue of Diabetes Forecast, Article "Are You Overdue for
Insulin" discussing Why Type 2 Diabetics may need insulin states "Like people
with diabetes, some doctors have also been wary of insulin.  They've worried
that, for people with Type 2, insulin isn't very effective and may be
dangerous.  Their concern is not just about the possibility of low blood glucose
reactions.  It used to be thought that higher insulin levels in the blood would
contribute to heart disease, Fortunately, the finding from the UKPDS mention
above are very reassuring. In this large study there was no evidence at all for
increased heart disease with treatment with insulin.  If anything, treatment
with insulin, sulfonylureas, or metformin (another oral agent) tended to
slightly reduce the rate of heart attacks.  The remaining concern about using
insulin for type 2 diabetes is the weight gain that may follow successful
treatment.  In general, the health benefits of lower blood glucose levels
outweigh the risks of a small weight gain." 

So the answer to your questing is NO.


Sorry for the long post, just wanted to clarify in regards to this issue.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Is there a problem with the amount of insulin a person must use to keep a reasonable blood sugar level.
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