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Re: [IP] Time to insert Sof-sets?

In a message dated 05/28/1999 7:18:36 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< How long does it take you to insert your Sof-set, if you use them?
 I'm a new pumper (just over a month), and I find it takes me around 18
 minutes, which seems pretty long.  Some fair amount of that time is
 waiting for the pump to bolus that 5 units after I've put the pump in
 the syringe but before I've inserted the Sof-set.   >>


When I first started pumping, I would plan 1/2 hour to do an infusion set 
change.  After thousands of them, I now do it as part of my shower routine 
and it only adds a couple minutes to the normal time.  I do this by "doubling 
up" tasks and doing multiple things at one time.  Don't rush it though.  It 
is more important to be sure you have done everything correctly than to 

My method:  Keep everything in one container.  I bought a plastic tag-along 
(normally used to carry cleaning supplies) and keep in it a few syringes, a 
few infusion sets, the current bottle of insulin, alcohol swabs, Skin Prep 
pads, SofSerter, Betadine and a bag of cotton balls.  I keep this in my hall 

As for the routine, prior to taking my shower, I take off the old set.  Pull 
up the insulin in the syringe (since it is not refrigerated I don't have to 
fight with bubbles), connect it to an infusion set, push enough insulin out 
to prime fill the tubing, insert it into the pump and set my 5 unit prime.  I 
then jump in the shower.  After I am dry, I put on the Betadine.  While that 
dries I bolus another .5 unit so I can see the insulin come out (since I 
didn't with the 5 unit prime).  When convinced that all is OK, I set up the 
  The Betatdine is now dry so I use my Skin Prep pad (a barrier between tape 
and skin).  While this dries, I get the tape ready.  And do other "shower" 
things like comb my hair, etc.  As soon as the Skin Prep is dry, I put the 
SofSerter up and am done.

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