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Re: [IP] T1 Diagnosis

Is there a problem with the amount of insulin a person must use to keep a 
reasonable blood sugar level.  I use various amounts as needed to control my 
blood sugars sometimes large amounts as I attempt to cover such things as 
pasta, pizza and yes bagels.  Is it harmful to use more than a certain say 20 
or 30 units of insulin a day.  Should one limit the amount one eats in order 
to lower the amount of insulin used.  I am not fat and have to watch 
cholesterol and fats, but I do enjoy some foods on occassion and I have never 
thought of the amount of insulin used to cover the carbs in these foods as a 
detriment to my health.  Penguinie eats as much fish as he wants avoiding the 
fatty varieties. 
Don and Penguinie the pumper penguin -0
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