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[IP] Home Fructosamine Testing

Marilyn wrote:
<<I would love to hear more about this test & machine.>>

The LXN's website is http://www.lxncorp.com/html/duet.html and their phone
number is 1-888-596-8378. Joslin's website featured an article

Linda wrote:
<<I am interested in the duet and called the company and have yet (I guess 3 
weeks later) to  hear back from the rep.  It says ...and refill pacs of 8
fructosamine test strips run $64.  A tad pricey, ???anyone get their
insurer to pay for this one?>>

My insurance uses a mail order pharmacy called Express Scripts and the
strips are covered under our plan. I going to submit the $138 cost for the
machine under durable medical equipment, hopefully they will pay. LXN after
multiple requests sent me a letter with my doctors name, my name and a
place she could sign to prescribe. The retail price is marked way up, but
LXN will send you a discount coupon to redeem at Wal-Mart bringing the
purchase price down to $138.

I have called LXN multiple times asking, What major medical centers are
using this as part of their treatment regimen for Type I diabetics? Are any
studies available?. I will post the response, if LXN responds. The product
is being sold on John Walsh's Diabetes Mall. 


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