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Re: [IP] First camping trip post-pump-Help!

>Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 16:45:22 +0000
>To: email @ redacted
>From: Maureen Reagan <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re:   [IP] First camping trip post-pump-Help!
>In-Reply-To: <email @ redacted>
>This question interests me as well.  I'm new to the pump as well, and have
already gone on one 2 day backpacking trip, and am going on an overnight
canoeing trip starting tomarrow! (I'm so excited!!!).
>Since I was going to be in the middle of nowhere (for both the trips) I
made sure I had glucogon (well, I didn't have it, the person who would give
it to me possess it).  I ate a lot more protien than normal (Cheese in a
can good stuff!!).  I had brought WAY more test strips than I needed (and I
divided them into thirds, last time three different people's packs, this
time three different packs in three different canoes).  I brought three
meter (all of them FastTakes) stored in zip lock bags (in case of rain or
whatnot), also in three different places (the one I keep physically
strapped to me, last time in a little camera bag along with two rolls of
livesavers and a package of fruit snacks, this time I'm putting the camera
bag on the strap of my sports gaurd).  One thing with the FastTake I did
was I slept with it at night so it was warm enough in the morning.  I
measured out and put into zip lock bags powered drinks (the sugar kind) to
mix to treat lows (fluid works much faster for me).  I also had several
things of cake gel and 4 rolls of lifesavers.  I had two complete set
changes, syringes, a bottle of insulin, a set of batteries, and a box of
foiled wrapped Ketosticks.  We have alochol wipes in our first aid kit, as
well as we have the hand gel stuff (which is basically alcohol).  The thing
I was worried about most (other than lows) was getting dehydrated, so I
made sure I had more than enough water.  This time I'm thinking about
sunburn as well (which in my prepump days would send my numbers on a wild
ride), so a bottle of sunscreen as well.  I overdid a lot of the packing,
but it was worth it.  I made sure all my stuff was divided up, and that
everyone who was with me knew of the various places to find "my" stuff.
>If I'm forgetting anything important, or any good ideas, I would love to
hear them!
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