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I guess the experts are calling it site breakdown.  I no longer feel left 
out. <smile>  Boy, when it breaks down, it really goes.  Kind of like the 
water.  I went from low 100's to 300's in nothing flat.  (for anyone who 
wondered about her reference, my above ground pool had a "minor" little 
problem yesterday that could have been a major disaster for our downhill 

Maybe my rapid development of this has to do with already have pumped  so 
much Velosulin in there already.  Since the H is covering my meals so well, I 
think I will just stick with more frequent site changes.  

Marilyn (keeping her fingers crossed for Erica)

<< Do you think it could be stress of 20,000 gallons of water possibly
 cascading that sent your sugars sky high? LOL
 What you are explaining is what happened to Erica, it seems like her  site 
would no longer absorb the insulin after as little as 30 days.  She  is now 
on the insulin cocktail and we are hoping beyond hope that this  will make an 
improvement.  I find it hard to believe that you would have  that so quickly 
though....it took Erica almost 3 months before we  started seeing signs and 
then they were consistent for 2 weeks.  Like I  said, we THINK its site 
breakdown, and the next few days will tell.  Her sugars are running higher 
today than normal, I didn't think the little bit of R in the mix would have 
that much affect, but  maybe it will.  I will have to do fasting basals to 
figure out if that is the problem now.  A little at a time, the main thing I 
want to see is how long the site lasts. I hope that is not your problem, 
hopefully with all the experts on this list you will get some good ideas.
 Bara....Erica's mom >>

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