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[IP] extra strips YEA

Well yesterday or the day before I posted about getting extra strips for my 
son who will start pumping next week and yesterday something amazing 
happened. He now gets 400 every 3 months but if I needed a new rx I could 
call his doctor and get a new one for more but have to wait until this supply 
almost up. Well my hubby had to deliver glucometer machines and strips to a 
reps house yesterday. They started talking and my hubby told them about our 
son going on the pump. This was a hubby and wife and both of them were on the 
pump-she is a nurse at a local hospital. Well they gave my hubby 400 
glucometer strips and their phone number should we ever need anything or help 
with the pump. God sends people at the right time!! I couldn't believe it! 
Thanks for listening

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