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Re: [IP] Visits to the doctor

>  I really like his endo and he and his group are
> the only pediatric endos in this region.  My son is 15- should I
> consider changing to an adult endo?   Also, How often do you all see
> your endos?

There are only a few hundred ped endos in the whole country so lots 
of kids see adult endos. My daughter (16 next month) has been going 
to and adult (pump) endo for the last 5 years. She sees him briefly 
once every 3 months or so.

You need to have a heart to heart chat with your endo. Tell him what 
you want and expect and also tell him your not interested in the red 
tape. I he provides the treatment you want and is supportive, great. 
If not, contemplating a change is probably a good idea.
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