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[IP] the pasta answer!

I think I've figured out the answer to our pasta carb counting problem.

I was reading the back of a package of Mission Fusilli (yes, I do have a
life -- I don't read food labels for kicks) and for once, it gave the
amounts in dry *and* cooked!!

According to them, one serving is one cup dry or 2 ounces.  This yields
1 1/8 cup of cooked pasta and has 41 grams of CHO.  So, I guess my 40 grams
per cup figure was pretty close. I probably tend to use slightly over one
cup when I measure (I let a few strings of spaghetti hang over the side of
the measuring cup) so this explains my good results.  I don't pack the
pasta in tight (who wants to eat squished pasta?) -- I spoon it in until
the cup is full.

Mary Jean

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