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Re: [IP] Site Breakdown


>I feel so stupid asking this, but is this what you all are talking about as 
>"site breakdown'?  It's obvious that the insulin was going into me, but does 
>the site just stop absorbing after a while?  Does anyone know why I never
>this problem in the 11 years I used Velosulin?  

Yep!  That's classic site breakdown.  It seems much more prevalent with
Humalog than Velosulin.  You might want to consider mixing insulins,
although I mix and can rarely get more than 4 days with a site before my
numbers start creeping up.  Twice a week isn't so bad.  I originally
started mixing for other reasons, though.  Humalog would go to work and
take me low while I was still eating (I'm not *that* slow of an eater).
Mixing in some Velosulin sort of blunts the action of the H.  It works well
for me.

Mary Jean

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