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Re: [IP] Erica & Mixing Insulins.....sigh :-(

At 02:15 AM 5/27/1999  Susan K wrote:
 >Actually, from the information I have been given, Humalog
 >is NOT approved for the pump.  Only Velosulin and Regular
 >are approved.

Although Humalog is not specifically "approved", neither is it forbidden. 
It just hasn't been "officially" tested for the FDA. And, since getting 
approval is an expensive process, it may never get that approval unless the 
insulin manufacturers have an economic incentive to do so.

Since Humalog is approved for use in humans, a physician may prescribe it 
for any situation that they deem appropriate... like in a pump. So the lack 
of FDA approval in this situation is not very meaningful. Over 80% of the 
pumpers on this list that have filled out our survey, use Humalog.


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