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RE: [IP] Carb Counting

At 06:54 AM 5/27/1999  Whitaker, Paul wrote:
 >Multiple injections at the moment - pump soon.

There are many books that provide lists of carbs for food. Go into any 
Barnes & Noble or Borders book store (or your local equivalent) and go to 
the food section. You'll find lots of choices. There are even books that 
give you the counts for fast foods and other common restaurant meals.

Once you are on the pump, the primary thing you need to watch are carbs. 
Once you know the carb count for the meal you are eating, bolus 
accordingly. This means the amount of sugar is not directly relevant (sugar 
has carbs and is included in the carb count). It also means that the list 
of "forbidden foods" shrinks dramatically. If you know the carb count of 
your Aunt Ethel's chocolate pie... then bolus accordingly and enjoy. :-)

Of course there are some complications (there always are). Foods high in 
fat can cause a delayed BG rise (pizza and Mexican food are among the worst 
offenders). So, you may need to monitor your BGs and either bolus again 
later or use the square-wave feature of the MiniMed pump. Just don't be 
afraid to experiment a little... if you bolus wrong one time, adjust 
accordingly next time. You'll gradually hone in on the correct values for 
most of your common meals.


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